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Pemiscot Memorial Partners with Hicuity Health Tele-Telemetry Service

Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems has gone live with Hicuity Health, the nation’s leading provider of high-acuity tele-telemetry services. Hicuity Health’s telemetry service offers 24/7 continuous cardiac monitoring by certified technicians. This advancement will allow Pemiscot Memorial Hospital to care for more at-risk patients who need around-the-clock monitoring, alleviating the need for local patients to drive hours for acute healthcare.

Pemiscot Memorial’s tele-telemetry service will improve clinical outcomes, extending the hospital’s ability to care for higher acuity patients and enhance patient outcome improvement efforts. This monitoring of patient heart rate and rhythm is displayed on a monitor screen at the nurses’ station, and it’s also continuously monitored by technicians at Hicuity Health’s Telemetry site in St. Louis.

The primary goal of this new system is to ensure that 24/7 cardiac monitoring care is available to our patients who need close monitoring. Dedicated telemetry technicians make it possible in allowing bedside care teams to make care and treatment for patients with urgent needs their top priority. This high-quality, telemetry program includes trained telemetry technicians that provide real-time interpretation and immediate notification to the appropriate nurse. This partnership with Hicuity Health will allow Pemiscot Memorial to meet our number one goal: providing the very best possible patient care.


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