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Emergency Services

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Emergency Services 

The Emergency Department at Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems offers a 24-hour emergency and trauma service to the area, and is often the first experience an individual may have with PMHS. Every physician working in the Pemiscot Memorial Emergency Room are highly trained and experienced at providing emergency care and provide 24-hour physician coverage so that we can be there whenever the need arises, day or night. 


We are available to provide care for any unexpected health problem regardless of the age of the patient and severity of the medical condition. 

At Pemiscot Memorial, your safety and well-being is our greatest priority. Our emergency room has new procedures and protocols to protect our patients, their families and our employees. Our staff of physicians and providers can provide care for everything from minor colds, cuts, broken bones, to life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks or strokes.

Emergency Providers

Joseph Kulpeksa

Joseph Kulpeksa, M.D.

ER Director

Ramiro Icaza copy.jpg

Ramiro Icaza, M.D.

Darrell English.jpg

Darrell English, D.O.

Josh Gast copy.jpg

Josh Gast, D.O.