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Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems

Physical Therapy Session

Rehabilitation Services

The Rehabilitation Department at Pemiscot Memorial Hospital offers unrivaled care to the surrounding community in occupational, physical, and speech therapy.

Pemiscot Memorial therapists and pathologists treat patients utilizing customized approaches to evaluations, interventions, and outcomes to help children with disabilities participate in school and in social situations, assist people recovering from injuries to regain skills, aid older adults to remain as independent as possible, and offer specialized support and services to people of all ages. Therapy is available as both outpatient and inpatient basis, for a variety of diagnoses including injury, orthopedic, neurologic, and developmental. 

In treating a wide array of illnesses from stroke victims, patients with degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, to pediatric patients with developmental disabilities such as Autism, the Pemiscot Memorial Rehabilitation touches every single area of the hospital and the community. Whatever rehabilitative care a patient of Pemiscot Memorial may need, our rehabilitative experts are here to help. They work closely with physicians and an array of other departments to provide the best care for our patients. 

Often employing a co-treatment solution combining speech, occupational, and physical therapy to more cohesively treat any conditions, our therapists and pathologists will create a treatment plan that is unique to you or your family member to ensure that the most effective treatment is given. Our rehabilitation specialists treat all ages, from pediatrics to senior patients with care catered to each case. 

Pemiscot Memorial Rehabilitation also partners with several local academic organizations including Arkansas State University and Southeast Missouri State University to help train and familiarize students with real-world rehabilitation treatment from all three therapy disciplines.

Pemiscot Memorial Rehabilitation

946 East Reed Street

Hayti, MO 63851

Phone: 573-359-3459

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