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Medical Team


Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems is searching for a candidate to fill the role of Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer is delegated the responsibilities for overall administrative management of the hospital, nursing home, and clinics. They are given the necessary authority to affect these responsibilities, subject to such policies which may be adopted by the Board or any committees to which the Board has delegated power for such action. The Chief Executive Officer will report to and work in close partnership with the Board of Trustees to provide operational leadership for Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems, including oversight for senior management leaders.


Please indicate your expected salary range when submitting an application for this position.

Job Description & Requirements


  • Be the direct representative of the Board and shall be responsible for management of the hospital commensurate with the authority delegated by the Board in its bylaws.

  • Be responsible for maintaining liaison among the Board, medical staff and all departments of the hospital and shall send periodic reports to the Board and to the medical staff on the overall activities of the hospital, as well as on appropriate federal, state and local developments that affect the operation of the hospital and assure compliance with all federal, state and local laws.

  • Organize the administrative functions of the hospital through appropriate departmentalization and delegation of duties and shall establish a system of authorization, record procedures and internal controls, provide for departmental and interdepartmental meetings and attend or be represented at such meetings.



  • Must have a bachelor’s degree at minimum

  • Prior healthcare management experience preferred

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