Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Dr. Abdul Naushad, M.D. diagnoses and treats pain of all kinds, from acute or chronic pain to pain associated with cancer.



Pemiscot Memorial’s Pain Management specialty is dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide array of different types of pain. Pain is actually a wide spectrum of disorders including acute pain, chronic pain and cancer pain or some combination thereof. 


Our Pain Management specialist coordinates with other physicians and the state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Department to prevent and relieve pain.


Abdul Naushad, M.D. serves are the Pemiscot Memorial Pain Management specialist and practices at Pemiscot Primary Care Clinic in Hayti, MO. Dr. Naushad provides care through direct treatment, prescribing medication, prescribing rehabilitation services, performing pain relieving procedures, counseling patients and families, and coordinating care with other health care providers. 

Dr. Naushad's specialty care involves the following treatments and procedures:


  • Management of chronic headache

  • Superficial electrical stimulation techniques (e.g., TENS)

  • Chemical neuromuscular denervation (e.g., Botox injection)

  • Epidural and subarachnoid injections

  • Epidural, subarachnoid, or peripheral neurolysis

  • Fluoroscopically guided facet blocks, sacroiliac joint injections

  • Injection of joint and bursa

  • Neuroablation with cryo, chemical, and radiofrequency modalities

  • Percutaneous placement and implantation or neurostimulator electrodes

  • Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty