Occupational Therapist

The licensed occupational therapist (OT) is responsible for evaluation, planning, directing and administering occupational therapy modalities of treatment as prescribed by a licensed physician.  The OT administers treatments and occupational agents as prescribed by a referring physician in an effort to restore function and prevent disability following injury, disease, or physical disability.  OT assists patients to reach their maximum performance and level of functioning while learning to live within the limits of their capabilities.  The OT coordinates, delegates, and supervises responsibilities assigned to supportive staff (CNA, etc.) and participates in operational aspects of the department and CQI activities.  The OT provides input in formulating departmental goals and budget, assists in evaluating department performance, and takes appropriate action to remain within budget guidelines.  The occupational therapist ensures that documentation of treatment and patient charges are accurate and submitted on a timely basis.  The OT participates in infection control, departmental equipment training, organizational safety and fire safety programs.

Job Description & Requirements


  1. Responsible to:  Director of Rehabilitation Services

  2. Workers Supervised:  None

  3. Interrelationships:  Physicians, PMHS employees, public, and vendors


  1. Minimum educational requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from an accredited college or university

  2. Licensed by the Missouri State Board of  Registration for the Healing Arts as an Occupational Therapist

  3. Ability to  read and communicate effectively in English

  4. Strong written and verbal skills

  5. Basic computer knowledge

  6. Knowledge of physical medicine, occupational therapy modalities, anatomy and physiology

  7. Knowledge of occupational therapy equipment operation, maintenance and repair of that equipment


  1. Satisfy continuing educational requirements established by the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts to maintain licensure

  2. Maintain federal and state regulatory requirements and standards

  3. Maintain patient confidentiality at all times

  4. Document all services rendered efficiently and accurately

  5. Provide professionally written progress and discharge reports to physician

  6. Communicate clearly and effectively with physicians, nursing, patient, family and caregivers

  7. Use electronic time system correctly; report to work on time and as scheduled; complete work within designated time 

  8. Attend annual orientation, departmental staff meetings and inservice as scheduled

  9. Assist with program development, orientation, and inservice training for staff members (LPN, CNA etc.) and participate in guidance and educational programs

  10. Represent PMHS in a positive and professional manner

  11. Comply with all PMHS organizational policies regarding ethical business practices

  12. Actively participate in performance improvement and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities

  13. Communicate the mission, ethics, and goals of PMHS and the rehabilitation department