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Resolutions at Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems offers mental health services for adults and seniors. Our program provides acute, short-term care in a secure and comfortable setting. Pemiscot Memorial offers semi-private rooms and several day rooms for dining and casual activities. When a greater emphasis on safety and reduced stimulation is required, the program offers two private rooms.


Individuals admitted to the program are 50 years and older with an acute primary psychiatric diagnosis and exhibit various symptoms, which may include one or more of the following:

• Depression
• Confusion
• Anxiety
• Forgetfulness
• Sleep or Eating disturbance
• Agitation/ aggressiveness
• Psychiatric medication complications

• Schizophrenia

• Bipolar disorder

• Suicidal/homicidal ideations/threats

• Diseases of addiction

• Dual diagnosis

• Crisis stabilization


Our treatment protocols are designed to decrease symptoms and improve functional ability and coping strategies. Our goal is to help patients develop strategies to manage their lives in a healthy, positive manner.

The treatment team consists of highly trained and credentialed staff led by board certified psychiatrists and internist, psychiatric nurses, LPNs, licensed clinical therapists, psychologists, and activity therapists. With the patient's permission, the family physician is advised of his or her admission and included in the discharge planning.


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